Foodsaver FM5200 Review

Approximately 1.3 billion dollar worth of food gets wasted yearly in the USA alone. Now imagine what the number will be if that of the whole world get added together? Meanwhile, there is a global outcry for lack of food in some regions of the world. Assuming there is a way to reduce the wastage of food in the world. What could be the resulting effects of this on the society at large? Will this way help save millions of children around the world from hunger?.
With the advancement in technology, the world is one step forward toward eliminating food wastage around the world.
With the invention of vacuum sealers like the Foodsaver FM5200 which is aimed at helping to eradicate food wastage, the world is steadily moving toward being totally free from hunger-related crises.

The FoodSaver FM5200

Foodsaver FM5200 Review
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The FoodSaver 5200 is a technology invention which helps to make it very easy to seal leftover food. The device is designed to ensure food are properly stored in an airtight vacuum bag, thereby increasing the longevity of the food. The device is said to make it possible to keep food from wasting for a period five times longer when compared to other types of food storage processes normally used. Food experts have been able to conclude that this machine is capable of helping to save an estimate of $2700 yearly lost to food wastage per household.
The FM5200 food vacuum sealers are designed to help you protect your food from wastage. The Express bag maker features found in the advanced version of the device is designed to make its own vacuum seal bags. As a result of this, you can make custom vacuum bags to fit any size of the food you plan on keeping safe. This way you are presented with a very effective food storage mechanism that leaves no room for error.

Features of The FM5200

Foodsaver FM5200

The features which the Foodsaver FM5200 possesses is what makes it the true food wastage solution it was designed to be. The machine has many features, but the following are the most prominent ones which any user of this equipment will surely find necessary in the long run.
For those who love to stay on track and stick to a routine. The open roll storage method on this device is the latest one in its production line. This feature makes it easy for you to keep a proper inventory of vacuum bags used. The FoodSaver Vacuum zipper bags and the retractable handheld sealer included in this version, along with other accessories and Containers allows for an easy storage of the food preserved. The device does not only save food from wastage, it also ensures it does not waste rolls of bags, by including a Vacuum View Window, which allows users to view if the seal is on optimal control. This way, the users easily identify errors and correct it, thus reducing wasted of rolls by at least 30%.

The express bag maker featured in this version of the machine helps to create each vacuum bag seals automatically. As a result of this, mistakes during the bag making process which might occur is reduced to at least 50%


Foodsaver FM5200 Review

There are many benefits associated with the use of this vacuum sealer, apart from helping to save food from getting wasted. Vacuum sealers are generally known to be quite expensive. The affordable nature of this food saving machine makes it even more appealing to the buyer. The Foodsaver 5200 weight very little and it does not have any add-on. It also offers an airtight and well-proofed lock system. This helps better with the preservation of the natural taste and feel of food. The machine is also designed to seal even the most delicate food item, without damaging it. The upright vertical design of the Foodsaver 5200 means it only takes up a small area on whatever surface it is placed on. Having a bag roll exit area located at the bottom of the device also makes the initial process of cutting and sealing very convenient. The machine is also known for creating the right sized vacuum bags for each food to be preserved. This way, no chance is taken and your food get well stored under the right conditions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the MachineFoodsaver FM5200 Review3

The Foodsaver FM5200’s main advantages are centered on its use as a food saving machine. Being an owner of this vacuum sealer makes it very convenient for you to preserve your food and help curb wastage in your household. The major disadvantage of the machine is that it can be complicated to maneuver for someone new to using machines like this. But once they get the hang of it, it becomes relatively easy to make use of.

Foodsaver 5000 Series

The Foodsaver 5000 series is a top-notch express bag maker designed to seal and dry bags in the fastest time possible. The machines of this series has several features, which aids its functionality. These features include;

  • A retractable handheld sealer
  • It is equipped with an open roll storage for proper tracking of bag inventory
  • The seal and cut bar is lower, which makes it perfect for automatic sealing. Unlike other versions of the same product. The Foodsaver 5000 is particularly a little bit heavy.


Foodsaver FM5200 Review
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The FoodSaver 5200 is a perfect addition to any home kitchen appliance and the cheap price makes it more convenient for most homes to afford one of these vacuum sealers at least. This FoodSaver machine is best for homes with a lot of kids, and pets as this type of home are where the highest waste of food is recorded.

With the vacuum sealer available, no food will ever go to waste in such a house again. The lightweight nature of this FoodSaver, as well as a simple operating procedure, makes it usable for almost everyone. So as long as you are careful will operating it, you wouldn’t have any problem with it.

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