FoodSaver 5800 Review

FoodSaver 5800 Review

There is nothing worse than eating stale food. Well, that’s probably dramatic but it is really uncomfortable. When we eat food from the freezer that’s been there in a significant amount of time, it doesn’t taste as good as fresh. Even worse, its nutritional value would have depreciated by a great deal. However, FoodSaver decided to introduce great solutions.

The FoodSaver 5800 is one of the greatest models that have changed the way we view food preservation. Just like other vacuum sealers, it expels air from packages and seals them for safe storage devoid of air or bacteria. However, its features and performance qualities are not just like other vacuum sealers. Here’s a thorough review of FoodSaver 5800 that should let you know if it suits your needs. Let’s get to it already!

FoodSaver 5800 2-in-1 Features

FoodSaver 5800
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-2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System
-Automatic Bag Cut & Seal
-Automatic vacuum Bag Dispense and Rewind
-Marinate modes
-Flaws indicator lights
-Built-in retractable hand-held sealer
-Airtight vacuum seal
-Patented Pull-out drip drawer
-5-year limited warranty


  • With the press of a button, this vacuum sealer disburses, rewinds, cuts and seals bags from the roll.
  • It uses automatic detection of bags when sealing.
  • Indicates flaws that need troubleshooting.
  • In case of liquid overflow, a dishwasher-safe pull-out drip drawer catches the fluid.
  • It provides air-tight sealing that is BPA free.
  • Marinates easily in marinate mode.
  • Has a built-in retractable handheld sealer which can seal all the FoodSaver storage packages that come with.
  • Comes with a starter kit that includes vacuum seal rolls, zipper bags and a marinate. For marinating, other containers can be used.
  • Has a long electrical cord so that one can place it in flexible angles.
  • Can seal stuff other than food perfectly I.e. papers.
  • Comes with a 5year warranty.


  • Overheats when continuously used.
  • Doesn’t detect fluids as it claims.

Why FoodSaver 5800?

FoodSaver 5800

What’s so special about FoodSaver 5800 that people love it so much? This vacuum sealer is super easy to use due to its automated features.

Automated dispense, rewinding, cutting and sealing are great capabilities in one machine. Anyone who doesn’t fancy the headache of constantly doing stuff manually will love this product. FoodSaver 5800 will not only save you food by sealing it airtight but it will also save you time in the process.

Customer Satisfaction

Many people go back to the website to review FoodSaver 5800 according to their experience. Most of the authentic/unsponsored reviews about the product first state how they love it and what they have been struggling with too. Most people are talking about how easy it is to use with the dispense and rewind features. The cut and seal features are also a plus and save the user the headache of planning and guessing of where to cut exactly.


FoodSaver 5800 also comes with a starter kit to at least help the user on their first trials and errors. Afterward, one can be sure about the dimensions they need and how they can do it flawlessly. The lightweight of the FoodSaver 5800 makes it super easy to carry around or travel. It has all that, but it also has some significant flaws. Apparently one has to stop for some time in order to let the machine cool down. That’s a major flaw especially for one who needs to do a lot of sealing. Anyone who feels like the strengths of this product will suit their needs, they’ll probably be satisfied with the capabilities of this product.

FoodSaver 5800 vs FoodSaver 5480

DesignFoodSaver 5800

The two have different shapes. The FoodSaver 5800 has a box-like shape while the FoodSaver 5480 has a prism-like shape with a vacuum seal window. They both have retractable handheld vacuum sealers and roll storage. However, unlike FoodSaver 5480, FoodSaver 5800 has dispense, rewind and also marinate modes.


When it comes to which vacuum sealer is more convenient to work with, FoodSaver 5800 wins it. This is because of its dispenser whilst the FoodSaver 5480 is strenuous to seal. However, when it comes to automation of work, FoodSaver 5480 is much easier to use due to its lack of burn out.


These two vacuum sealers have an even ratio of their strength in performance. While the FoodSaver 5800 is big on dispensing, FoodSaver 5480 can work non-stop. However, when it comes to the whole idea of packaging bags effortlessly, FoodSaver 5800 does a great job. The user doesn’t have to keep doing all the packing stages.

Final Verdict

FoodSaver 5800
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Both FoodSaver 5800 and FoodSaver 5480 have an almost equal share of strength and weaknesses. While the FoodSaver 5800 can offer dispensing, cutting and sealing services, the other can’t. However, FoodSaver 5480, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily burn out but it can’t simplify work. Many customers who bought FoodSaver 5480 claim that it quit working some months later. This shows that this model isn’t entirely durable. However, many year-old reviews have stated that they’ve been having a good time with FoodSaver 5800 and in spite of the occasional stops to avoid its overheating, its performance is worth investing in.
In a nutshell, FoodSaver 5800 has made work a lot easier. Although it’s not perfect, it is a vacuum sealer that you can rely on in the long term.

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