Germguardian AC5250PT Review

Germguardian AC5250PT Review

Guardian technologies have released its air purifiers to fight generally the major indoor air pollution, like pollen, dust mites, airborne germs and more, but the Germguardian AC5250PT ,in addition to getting rid of these air pollution problems i have just cited, is a specialist in removing the Pet Dander existing in the air, this is why it’s called “Pet Pure”, in this review i will talk about the main characteristics of the AC5250PT, and how your house can benefit from these new air purifiers technologies, and live in peace with your cats !

Germguardian AC5250PT Review
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Germguardian AC5250PT is a 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System

One of the main reasons that makes the AC5250PT stands out from the majority of other air purifiers, is its 3 in 1 Air Cleaning System, that consists of a HEPA Air Filter, a UV Sanitizer and a Pet Pure Filter, also important to mention that the Germguardian AC5250PT is CADR Rated 125+, meaning that it is appropriate for rooms measuring 190 square feet and less. So let’s talk about the role of each one of these features.

True HEPA Filter

The Germguardian AC5250PT is one of the best HEPA air purifiers, it comes with a True HEPA Filter, or High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, a standard air filtering technology that is conform to US Department of energy, used in medical facilities such as hospitals and also used in airplanes, making the AC5250PT capable of capturing 99% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns, like mold spores, household dust, pet dander and pollens.

The PetPure Filter

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In order to fulfill its major task effectively, the AC5250 is equipped with a PetPure filter,a filter plus an antimicrobial agent to stop the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria within your home and helps to keep the air smelling fresh.

In addition to that this filter is capable of removing allergens, mold, viruses and bacteria from its environment. Some customers reported that for the first 2-3 days, there was an odor kind of like a combination of a blown-out match and a plastic chemical smell but it went away after this short period.

UV-C light

This model, like the AC4825, includes also the UV-C technology that works to kill airborne germs viruses and bacteria using the UV rays, we recommend not using this feature while sleeping in order to not disturb your sleep, an On and Off option is available on the unit.

The 5 Fan Speeds

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The Germguardian AC5250PT has five fan speeds each, each speed is adequate to a certain room size, the level 1 and 2 doesn’t produce a noise, but the 3, 4 and 5 settings will be noticeable especially at night and could disrupt your sleep, most users have not complained about this problem while you can always turn it down to level 1 and 2 when needed.This air purifier have a timer that can be set to specific hours, so that it shut the unit automatically.


Review Summary

Germguardian AC5250PT Review
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Finally the Germguardian AC5250PT with its 3 in 1 Air Cleaning System, all packed-up in a nice looking design, in addition to a good customer service, makes it a good air purifier to have in your home or office, get rid of the major airborne allergens and breathe fresh air. Don’t forget to Check on Amazon they might have a discount on it, at least you have free shipping as a bonus, click Here to go to Amazon.


  • Captures 99.97% allergens
  • Uses UV-C light to kill common germs and bacteria
  • Kills airborne mold spores and more
  • Odors Reduction such as : pets, smoking and cooking 
  • 28-Inch Digital Tower, can be used in small to large rooms, making this one powerful HEPA tower air purifier.
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